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Christmas with NBS Scientific

Please note: NBS Scientific is closed from 25 December to 1 January. For urgent matters you can call 01223 603778 or send an e-mail to info@nbsscient...

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News: New logo & corporate identity for NBS Scientific in 2019

NBS Scientific is part of a distribution network with several sister companies in Europe and the US, each company operating under a different name. In...

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New – Micronic Hybrid tubes now available in pack sizes of just 10 racks

The innovative Hybrid tubes uniquely combine 4 coding concepts to ensure traceability of the samples and come in tube volumes of 0.75ml, 1.40ml, 2.00m...

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New Micronic Technote: Relative Centrifugal Force

Isolating and separating suspensions and liquids is a common practice in chemistry, biology, biotechnology, clinical medicine and other life sciences....

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Tissue Banking Blog

"How to standardize tissue sample storage", "3 ways to improve tissue storage efficiency" and "The importance of biopsy traceability" are examples of...

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Micronic tubes used in The Generation R Study

The Generation R Study is a prospective cohort study from fetal life until young adulthood in a multi-ethnic urban population. Several research groups...

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Novitain; for secure short-term sealing

The Novitain Capcluster-50 offers an ideal and economic solution for the secure short-term sealing of 13mm diameter (Vacutainer) sample collection tub...

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