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As a stakeholder in pharmaceutical and nutritional research and while developing orally delivered dosage forms or food stuffs, you would like to gather information about the gastrointestinal behavior of your products. This should be done in a time-efficient and cost-effective way prior to the performance of clinical studies. In order to de-risk these expensive clinical studies, in vitro models that mimic the gastrointestinal conditions in a realistic way can be used, provided they have a high predictive value for the human situation.

The tiny-TIM system is a dynamic in vitro gastrointestinal model, equipped with the advanced gastric compartment connected to a small intestinal compartment. Its applications are broad:

Pharmaceutical applications:

  • Dosage form testing on the release, dissolution and bio accessibility of active pharmaceutical ingredients under fasted and fed-state conditions
  • Bio-equivalence studies
  • Drug–drug and drug–nutrient interactions
  • Proof of concept studies

Nutritional applications:

  • Digestibility of single ingredients or complex meals
    • protein quality (DIAAS)
    • carbohydrates (glycemic response)
    • fats
  • bioaccessibility of micronutrients or phytochemicals safety assessment studies

The benefits of tiny-TIM:

  • Simplified use 
  • Higher reproducibility versus in vivo studies
  • Perform research faster and more cost-efficient 
  • No ethical constraints

The tiny-TIM system - general features:

The tiny-TIM system consists of three separate modules:

  • A module that contains the gastrointestinal compartments and its control unit
  • A dispensing module with syringe pumps for the accurate distribution of the digestive fluids, and
  • A sampling module for automatic sampling of the filtrate that contains the released, digested and dissolved compounds
  • Table-top modules
  • Simple and user friendly operation
  • Software controlled system operation
  • Pre-defined protocols
  • Low labour intensity
  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Automated, volume-controlled sampling of filtrate 
  • Availability of standardized consumables

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