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UPHO is a versatile bead beater, designed for fast and with high throughput grinding and homogenization of samples. UPHO can process up to 64 samples at a time. The device is suitable for a wide range of adapters, allowing it to be used flexibly while delivering consistent, high quality results. One of the biggest advantages of this device is that it is versatile, affordable and lab-friendly. The sound it produces will not be higher than 65 dB, which can be compared to a vacuum cleaner.

UPHO has been developed for both routine and difficult-to-divide samples. It is compatible with 3 types of grinding and quickly prepares a wide variety of biological sample types including plant and animal tissues, cells, bacteria and yeast.

Each sample is simultaneously grinded and homogenised by shaking, depending on the type of sample, in a closed tube with high speed glass, ceramic or metal beads, allowing easy and reproducible isolation of stable RNA, active proteins, full length DNA and other cellular materials.

UPHO's ergonomic design makes the standard disposable centrifuge tubes with your samples easy to load and remove after processing. Thanks to UPHO's smart sample adapters, the centrifuge tubes remain tightly closed during processing, preventing cross-contamination of the samples.

Geneye offers different sizes (0.1 - 15 mm) and material choices (tungsten steel, steel, glass and ceramics) of UPHO machining beads, allowing faster optimization of the grinding process for complete and efficient distorting sample homogenization compared to other available methods. If your samples are temperature sensitive, UPHO allows you to easily adjust the homogenization rate and keep the sample temperature constant during processing. If your samples need to be cooled or frozen for processing, UPHO has the full range of sample adapters you need for cryogenic cooling.


  • High throughput - up to 64 samples at a time
  • No cross-contamination between activities
  • Wide range of interchangeable adapters
  • 1 min. cycle
  • CE marking
  • Easy to use interface
  • Bead Beater Technology
  • Easy to work on cryogenic and room temperature samples
  • Easy-to-clean procedure
  • Long shelf life
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GY-U001 UPHO device + free bundle offer #1 - 1 choice of adaptors in the attached list #2 - 2 types of glass, ceramic or metal 100mL bottle beads (Wolfram Steel Beads are not included) 1 unit 1 Offer