Variable Temperature Sealer
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Specifications The Vitl VTS is a variable temperature heat sealer for a wide range of microplates. The VTS is designed to deliver consistent sealing in low to medium throughput laboratories.

Simple touch pad controls and display allow the user to adjust sealing temperature and time. Coupled with an audible alarm indicating correct sealing pressure, the VTS provides optimal sealing control and consistency.

  • User-variable time and temperature settings via an intuitive keypad
  • Unique, ergonomic lever action, specifically designed to avoid repetitive strain injury
  • One-time seal with uniform heat distribution meaning there is no need to rotate or reseal
  • Audible and visual feedback on LED display to ensure consistent, repeatable microplate sealing
  • Warms up within minutes (170°<10mins)
  • Variable voltage (simply changed to either 115V or 230V)

    The VTS Plate Sealer requires at least one adapter plate which is sold separately.


Variable Temperature Sealer

Sealing Temperature range

125-200°C in 1°C increments

Sealing time range

1-9 seconds in 0.5 second increments

Warm up time up to 170°

<10 minutes

Power supply

110-120 / 220-230 VAC nominal

Dimensions (mm) W x D x H

220 x 325 x 425



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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
V104001 HM01: 0.5mL Microcentrifuge Tube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104002 HM02: 1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104003 HM03: 2.0mL MicrocentrifugeTube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104004 HM04: 15mL Conical Tube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104005 HM05: 50mL Conical Tube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104006 HM06: 96 Well 0.15mL PCR Plate 1 unit 1 Offer
V104007 HM07: 96 Well 0.25mL PCR Plate 1 unit 1 Offer
V104008 HM08: 384 Well PCR Plate 1 unit 1 Offer
V104009 HM09: 96 Well 0.2mL PCR Tube 1 unit 1 Offer
V104010 HM10: 96 Well Microtitre Plate 1 unit 1 Offer